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Worbla’s® Deco Art (WDA) – the versatile thermoplastic modelling and moulding pearls from the Worbla’s® Art Series!

Worbla’s® Deco Art (WDA) – the versatile thermoplastic modelling and moulding pearls from the Worbla’s® Art Series!


The material is activated by heat (best approx. 65 °C / 149 °F), hardens after about 10 minutes but can be reactivated at any time. This product is very easy to handle:

Put the little pearls into a metal wire (no plastic!) and dip them into hot water. As soon as the material becomes lucent it is ready to work with. Now e.g. you can mould them into almost any kind of forms (e.g. silicone and duroplastic plastics) or simply shape the WDA with your hands. You can also use it for smoothing and filling edges/ gaps in the Worbla’s® Finest Art.


Tip: heating it with hot air makes the Worbla’s® Deco Art extremely sticky to almost anything, using hot water instead reduces its stickiness a lot.


Acrylic, spray-paint or permanent markers can be used for colouring the WDA’s surface. Using acrylic you can even dye the material itself:

Just put on some latex gloves, admix the acrylic with the activated pearls and wait until it‘s hardened plus some more minutes. Afterwards you can reactivate and use the Worbla’s® Deco Art without any mess because the acrylic stays inside the material even while activated.

This means you can work very filigree and later scratches cannot rasp any paint off the surface of the Worbla’s® Deco Art!


Do you want to know more? Please check our Cast4Art social media channels (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) and especially the Cast4Art Blog for many more pictures, info and tutorials!



Convincing characteristics


  • Can be reactivated with heat as often as wanted to (best approx. 65 °C / 149 °F)
  • Can be dyed directly with acrylics and shaped afterwards
  • Works perfectly with moulds (e.g. silicone and duroplastic plastics)
  • Processing time up to several minutes, depending on the time of exposure of the heat
  • Simple, safe and clean handling, also for beginners
  • Non-toxic, solvent-free and contains no hazardous substances
  • Leftovers can be re-used and under normal conditions it can be stored for years


Link for Cast4Art Blog: http://blog.cast4art.de/


Amount in grams

100 gr, 250 gr, 500 gr


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